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EuropCar Geneva - Scam/Rip-off terrible customer service

We rented a car from Europcar Geneva. My son threw up in the car and we cleaned it up as much as possible. Some was left on the floor carpet and some on the kid seat (which was already super dirty). We are polite customers so we notified the officer when returning the car. They charged us 300 CHF (= 300 €) for the cleaning (the full week rent of the car was also 300 €...). When complaining about this they send me an invoice from the cleaning company. I checked the rates with this cleaning company and they charge 50 CHF per hour. EuropCar is not willing to provide the details as of course it can never be 6 hours of work to take a wet towel over this, it should not take more than 10-15 minutes. A complete scam/rip-off and no reactions on my proposals. I was willing to pay something, but no reactions at all. Never again renting with EuropCar.

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The car was pretty new

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See my review. What a bad experience.