PURE SCAMMERS! NEVER rent a car at this company. SCAM!

We come like several times per year to Málaga. It was our first time we rent a car at Del Paso. The car was old and damaged. At the form, only 1 damage was written down. You had to take by yourself pictures of other damages, like 10 more. When I returned the car, they said there is a small damage in the window. I said I have not taken any photos of the window but that was not my fault. They said you agreed with our conditions, so you will have to pay 760!!!! euros. I said once again it is not my fault. They said you dont have any choice. You can reclaim this at your insurance. I was calling with my friend to ask what to do. I asked for a second opinion: he was so rude. He said that the lady already took a look and there was no other choice then paying the fee. They went so brutal by saying you can walk to the airport, and started the motor of shuttlebus. When I said I am never going to rent a car overhere, they said we will make sure you can never rent a car here, we will block you. I had no other choice, so I signed a form with consent to charge the fee from my creditcard.

Then suddenly when I said my flight is leaving, they lowered the fee to 300 euros, because it was a very small damage. I said how this suddenly? I was flabbergasted. They said we do you a favour. I said this is like really weird, and called my friend again. Then again they started the motor of the shuttlebus and said you have to pay this. I said okay I will pay because I have to leave because otherwise I will miss my flight. But they already signed the driver to leave. I had to wait for him and almost missed my flight.


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