Beware of Green Motion

Beware of Green Motion

I recently had a very disappointing experience with Green Motion and feel compelled to share it with others. After renting a car from this company, we discovered a month later that money had been debited from our account under the guise of damage to the car. The absurd? We didn't cause that damage at all!

It is unacceptable that Green Motion simply debits customers' money for damage that they have not caused. This is clearly a tactic to make money through dishonest means. The fact that they collect money without any proof or consultation with the customer is downright scandalous.

My advice to anyone looking to rent a car, avoid Green Motion like the plague. You will be better off with another car rental company that is honest and reliable. It is clear that Green Motion does not care about customer satisfaction or fair practices, and I will certainly never do business with them again.

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