Scammers! Stay away!

Scammers! Stay away!

DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! I REPEAT DO NOT RENT FROM THEM! I mistakenly selected the incorrect dates for my pickup. So I immediately tried calling the company to change the dates. They did not answer the phone for 2 hours! (And many other people keep saying the same thing. They are impossible to get ahold of. They don't even give you a contact email.) So because of the fact that I was unable to contact them, the booking began without me being able to pick up the car. And therefore the booking was labeled as a "no show" and then canceled. They refuse refunds even though it's their fault that the booking was a "No Show". So now I have already paid for this booking but is stil left without a car. It would be better just to flush the money down the toilet. They will not let you modify the Pick-up dates or times even though you selected the incorrect dates. Do NOT pay these people. You will regret it! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

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