Disgusting experience

Disgusting experience

Reference: DYS-50105437

I was in a hurry to rent a car. Went through the checkout process which was straightforward, got charged for €118.66 for 3 days + insurance. Got an email 5 minutes later saying I should pick up my car from Europcar. Got there, shared all the details with them and they said they can't give me a car because I paid with a debit card and I didn't have a credit card on me. I was told to call DoYouSpain and cancel my booking and get my money back. After 20 minutes I finally got through to an agent and explained the whole situation and asked for a refund. He kept saying that there's nothing he can do because in the terms and conditions it said you must have a credit card. Obviously I am furious, not only did I not miss my appointments, I got scammed to pay for a service which didn't work. I told the representative on the call if I'm not refunded my money back. I will post a bad review, because this is very unfair. I didn't have time to read your terms and conditions because I was in a hurry and you don't make it clear and obvious either on the checkout process, it's obvious why not, profiteering of people in similar positions. All this happened in the span of 30 minutes. I have never experienced such bad service anywhere else and this is my first bad review. I was sure that I wouldn’t have a problem getting my money back because that’s how legit companies operate, they rely on good and honest service. I will happily remove this bad review if I get my money back, but if you value more €118.66 over a happy customer, well then be it. Shame on you.

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Scamming people

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Too many

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