Extra kosten op rekening gezet

Extra kosten op rekening gezet

This March I rented a car with Hertz via an external party. With this party I was fully insured, no need for extra services via the rental company.

At checking in with Hertz at Malaga airport I verbally stated I did not need extra services as I was fully insured. The man who helped me asked again if I wanted full insurance..again I stated I wanted nothing.

Then the contract was presented where he put an X where I had to sign. As I was renting with an reputable company and because I twice stated I did not need any extra service, I did not read every letter on the contract, just quickly scanned for any abnormalities. Thereafter signed and got the car.

When returning the car 2 weeks later I got an extra invoice (58,08 euro) from Hertz for premium assistance. (I was already insured for this)

I never asked for this, I was also not asked if I wanted this service! The man just put it on my contract as an extra and had me sign for it. When confronting Hertz with this they just stated I signed for it.

I know that with lots of the cheaper rental companies you should really be carefull what you sign for. But also with Hertz apperently.

Therefore warning: check your Hertz contract carefully for unwanted and for services not asked for!!! Here they try to make extra money as well!

In my contract in Spain it was just the line: “ Premium Assistencia” it’s really easy to miss.

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